LOL.nu – About us

Don’t take life too seriously. That’s our motto here at LOL. In 2012 we launched this site of funny pictures (what we call “lolpics”) that will have you literally laughing out loud, or maybe even ROFL. Enjoy photos and cartoons that are humorous, witty or just plain silly. No matter how solemn or serious you may be feeling, as you flip through cute and crazy animal pix, tragic comic epic fails, unintentionally hilarious spelling bloopers or wild examples of Photoshop, you will start to smile, then to grin. A quiet chuckle or two will be faintly heard, until … you can hold on no longer. It’s OK. Let yourself go and enjoy a good rowdy session of “laughter out loud therapy.”

Our Antidote to SAD
SAD is an acronym that stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. If someone tells you that you have SAD, don’t feel insulted. All they mean is that you get depressed when it’s miserable out – like 99.9 percent of all people. Welcome to the human race. But don’t worry about it too much. After all, we don’t want your SAD to get even SADder. The secret remedy for seasonal affective disorder is LOL, laughing out loud. Our funny pictures are here to cheer. Now that fall has arrived and winter’s just around the corner, our professional medical advice is to look at these lolpics at least twice a day. When you find yourself talking out loud to the photo of the guy wearing a cat on his head, you know you’re starting to recover.
Why the Captions?
You’ve probably heard it a hundred billion times: don’t exaggerate. Well we think the old norgepiller saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an exaggeration. Pictures are great – they’re our business, in fact. But we’ve never met a picture yet, no matter how funny, that couldn’t be improved with a zingingly clever caption. Try it with your own photos or drawings; pictures of bosses or teachers work great for this, especially action pictures.

Our Vision
Our goal and our vision is to keep posting some really funny pictures with some really good jokes. And we’d like to know what makes you LOL, what you think is truly hysterical. You can rate each pic on our site, add a comment, or like the pix on social media. Make your opinions heard! Let your friends know what you believe is worth laughing over. If you want to see more – or less – of something on this site, or you need a joke explained, contact us. And just keep this last thought in mind: our goal and reason for being here is to make the world a better place … or at least a funnier one.